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Dimbomedia.com - we have more than 3 years of experience growing and maximizing affiliate programs for top brands. We use industry-leading processes and procedures to expand the affiliate programs we manage on behalf of our clients.

KPI-Based Strategy Development
After establishing your KPI goals, DimboMedia's teams will collaborate on a custom strategy to achieve them. We have over 3 years experience in successfully growing and managing affiliate channels for top international brands.

Global Expansion Opportunities
Thinking of taking your affiliate channel international? Our Market Extension option allows you to expand your reach without complication.

Access to the Best Brands
We service some of the largest brands in their industries. Our own statistics show that brand recognition is a huge factor in affiliate channel conversion rates.

Media Buys on Performance
DimboMedia has developed relationships with major online media outlets, bloggers and discount & promotional sites to enable negotiation for campaigns on performance in scenarios that would ordinarily require upfront CPM buys.

Optional Multi-Network Approach
DimboMedia recognizes that different networks have unique strengths that may benefit both affiliates and our clients. We also know that some affiliates will only work within particular networks.

Support by Phone & Email
A dedicated affiliate manager means you have one reliable contact at DimboMedia with whom to collaborate on lucrative campaigns from top online brands.

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